Cross-Dressing Driver Arrested With Pepper Spray and Fart Scent in "Florida: The Second Chance State - Take 63"

August 15, 2018
Florida sign on the beach

The Smoking Gun reports 18-year-old Willie Edwards of Bradenton Florida (just south of St. Petersburg) was recently pulled over by Manatee Country Sherriffs for driving an unregistered vehicle.

When police approached Edwards, they learned he didn't have a valid driver's license.

Edwards, a cross-dresser, allowed police to conduct a search, and officers found 2 cans of pepper spray... and 2 cans of fart scent... in his purse. Both are illegal to carry in public.

Edwards was taken to jail, freed on $120 bond, and his pepper spray and fart scents were "marked for safekeeping." LOL! Yeah, you can't be too careful with the fart scent.

"Florida: The Second Chance State." Make a mistake, move to Florida and they'll likely give you a second chance. Make a mistake while living there, the same applies, plus your pepper spray and fart scents will be carefully taken care of.