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More Food, Beverage & Seating Choices Proposed For Dallas Love Field

September 18, 2018

Tired of long restaurant lines and a lack of seating at Dallas Love Field?

Taking into consideration the above, plus the fact Southwest Airlines is adding 15 daily flights next year, The Dallas Morning News reports Dallas Love Field Director Mark Duebner wants to add more eatery, beverage, and seating choices to the airport.

If all goes as planned, Air Star Concessions plans to add a Maggiano's Little Italy. Plus, the proposed plan includes free-standing beverage stations at both ends of the terminal, a cocktail lounge, another Fly Bar location, plus installing temporary seating at Chili's and Cantina Laredo. 

Duebner says if the plan is approved, the goal would be to open the new food and beverage options in the spring to help with the busy travel season.