Vanilla Ice

Photo: PA Images/Sipa US

Vanilla Ice Held On Quarantined Plane in NY

September 6, 2018

Dallas's own 90s pop star and DIY's The Vanilla Ice Project host Vanilla Ice ("Ice Ice Baby"), a.k.a Robbie Van Winkle, was aboard an Emirates Air flight from Dubai yesterday, which was quarantined in New York, due to numerous passengers becoming ill.

The plane was held on a runway, while Vanilla tweeted from his upstairs seat on the double-decker Airbus 380 that the illness was on the lower level. 

After approx. 3-1/2 hours, passengers were allowed to exit the plane, 19 of which were ill, and the CDC is investigating.

Last night, after arriving to his Florida home, Vanilla told WPBV-TV, "I was starting to worry and everybody on the whole plane was worrying. We were panicking. When you’re up there for that long and looking out the window at all the cops and everybody, you’re just starting to panic.”

Word to ya mother!