Dash Cam Captures Trash Can Flying Across LBJ And Smashing Into Driver's Windshield

December 4, 2018

 Kathy Lanham was driving along LBJ Freeway in between Garland and Jupiter roads when she had quite an unusual accident.

As she was making her way down the freeway, suddenly, a trashcan came flying out of the back a truck across three lanes of traffic and made direct contact with her windshield.  Lanham told WFAA, "All of a sudden, here it comes.  I look to my right and I just see this thing become airborne."

Lanham was stuck between a wall and some pylons, so she couldn't swerve to avoid the trashcan.  Luckily, her Honda CRV didn't sustain any damage, as the trashcan was full of nothing but mulch.  She said, "I was able to take it down to the car wash and take care of things luckily.  It was just a bunch of leaves and smush."

She has not been able to obtain any information about the driver or the truck the can flew from.