March 30, 2018; Miami, FL, USA; Demi Lovato performs at American Airlines Arena


Demi Lovato's For Sale L.A. House Has 3 Strikes Against It Not Including Her Overdose

October 30, 2018

Dallas's own Demi Lovato is learning that changing a house in a market and city-unfriendly way, is costly.

Fortunately Demi's near-death-overdose is not having an effect on the selling of her house, where a hot dose almost took her life. However, other issues are.

TMZ reports a security gate at Demi's house was installed on what seems to be public property, which a city street light on her side of the gate. Hmm! Not good. In addition, Demi flipped the house's garage into a security, wardrobe and glam room area. No... no covered/protective place for a vehicle. Not cool in California, or at ANY house in it's price range. Plus, I previously mentioned her property looks to be in a landslide-looking area. Now, TMZ reports a major landslide is directly next door, which for the moment is stablized, but needs attention by the City of L.A.

Fifty-six days ago, the house listed for $9,495,000... now... it's $8,995,000. OUCH! A half-mil price hit!

All of the issues of course can be handled, but at a cost, which a wise buyer will take into consideration when making an offer on the property.

Fortunately, Demi's 3 months into rehab is going better than the selling of her house.

Click HERE to see a photo of the house... and the landslide-perfect hill behind it. Whoa!