Woman shopping during sales season

Photo: Viorel Dudau/Dreamstime.com

American's Top 10 Confidence Boosters!

October 9, 2018

According to a report from SWNS, a new survey from LunchBoxWax reveals AMERICAN’s TOP 10 CONFIDENCE BOOSTERS are:

10. Talking to a family member

9. Knowing you smell good

8. Receiving a compliment from your boss

7. Talking to a close friend

6. Shopping 

5. Exercising

4. Listening to one of your favorite songs

3. Doing a good deed - 53%

2. Wearing a new outfit - 56%

#1. New haircut - 64%

When Roman at Roman’s Hair Salon in Carrollton styles my hair, I look better than before, and better in general... lol! Thank GOD! Ha!