Festival goers dressed as the Flintstones on day 2 of Camp Bestival 2015, Lulworth Castle - Dorse

Photo: PA Images/Sipa USA

Driver Pulled Over For Speeding In "Flintstone" Mobile

November 14, 2018

Don Swartz lives in the Tampa Fl. suburb of Wesley Chapel and must really love The Flintstones!

The Miami Herald reports last week, a Pasco County Sheriff's department deputy clocked Don driving well over speed limit... in his homemade Flintstone mobile!

Despite the vehicles odd looks, police found it to be up to code, and instead of using his feet for brakes and power, Don is using gas.

Officers were surprised when Don emerged from his Flintstone mobile, dressed like Fred Flintstone!

Yeah, Don's orange tunic truly made him look like Wilma's husband, and topped off the real-life homage to the iconic animated TV show.

Swartz was released with a warming, avoiding any points on his license, and presumably made it to his job at the rock quarry the next day, in his own vehicle.