North Texas Pig and 100 Dogs Fly To New Homes

September 12, 2018

NBC 5 reports 'Felipe' the pig and 100 dogs left the Humane Society of North Texas today for their 5 a.m. journey aboard the non-profit WIngs Of Rescue (funded by GreaterGood.org), to shelters in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, where they'll all have better opportunities for adoption.

So far, since beginning working with the Animal Relocation Program at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruely to Animals this year, the Humane Society of Texas has been able to relocate 730 pets to new homes in other states.

WIngs of Rescue President and CEO Ric Browde told NBC 5, "The state of Texas has the highest euthanasia rate in the country – and we have chosen to work with a shelter that is working around the clock to stem the influx of unwanted pets flooding the shelters, through innovative spay/neuter, education, adoption, and transportation programs."

Best wishes to Felipe and the dogs towards a new and loving home!