Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant's "Sexy" Safety Instructions Go Viral

December 4, 2018

Bethany Joy Brenes was traveling on a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Omaha, Nebraska when she sat down to listen to the safety instructions.

Nothing out of the ordinary, right?  It was a seemingly normal flight until the flight attendant assigned to mimic the safety instructions for all the passengers threw everyone a curve ball.  Rather than go through the motions, the attendant decided to "sex" things up a bit.  

He performed the instructions "dancing in a club-like fashion," according to Brenes.  She said it was the first time she genuinely "paid attention to the emergency instructions," too!

Brenes loved the experience, and believes all cabin crew members should follow his lead, to make flights more engaging and enjoyable for travelers.  "It made me feel awake and actually amused and very interested.  Everyone on the plane was amused and we all loved the flight attendants and they made the flight very enjoyable. A ride to remember.  There should be more flight attendants like him, plane rides would be way more enjoyable and not so tiring."

Via Yahoo!