June 24, 2018; Sunrise, FL, USA; Daryl Hall and John Oats (right) of Hall & Oats performs at BB&T Center.


Hall & Oates' John Oates Unveils His Restored Classic Porsche Found In Texas Barn

October 17, 2018

When Daryl Hall & John Oates aren't being "Hall & Oates" or doing solo music or TV projects, one of them has been keeping his eye on a project, that started... in Texas!

Since we all like a good transformation story I thought I would show you what the @johnoatesofficial car started as. We found a 356B Cabriolet that had heavy front damage and a removable hardtop in Texas. We dug it out of a barn and gave it a new life. As you can see from the finished product we converted the front end to 356A style but when we put the nose on we leaned it back and then continue to massage the car by leaning the windshield back and lowering/slimming the roofline. #EmorySpecial #EmoryOutlaw #Porsche #Porsche356 #restoration

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Window time today on the @johnoatesofficial #EmoryOutlaw I look forward to posting some photos of this out in the wild in the next few days after the amazing @drewphillipsphoto does his magic. Leaned back windshield and lowered roofline.. --

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Interior and underside photos of the @johnoatesofficial #EmorySpecial Cabriolet. Emory/Rothsport 2.4L Outlaw-4 engine. 901 transmission and rear suspension. 4 wheel disc brakes. @hydesleather basket weave centers Speedster seats. Darington Steeringwheel, removable roll bar. #porsche#porsche356 @drewphillipsphoto

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Test drive time...

We took the @johnoatesofficial #EmorySpecial Cab up in the hills for a drive with @drewphillipsphoto last night... I love how this color changes and gets darker as the sun goes down. #emoryoutlaw#porsche356#porsche

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The finished product!

Its been nearly a two year project but thanks to the artistry and craftsmanship of @rodemory Motorsports and his talented hard working team...this 1960 @Porsche 356 Cabriolet found in a barn in Texas has been transformed and preserved by blending classic coach building techniques and some modern magic.

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Wow! A very cool Texas tie-in for John. Wonder if he doc

Enjoy, John! Just remember where you found it and if you ever drive it back to Texas... I'm available to ride shot-gun... :).