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Here's 1 Big Reason Texans and Americans In General Are Getting More Cranky

October 24, 2018

According to a study by Expedia, Americans took less vacation this year... than persons in a-n-y other country this year!

The study also reveals the following about how Americans manage and view vacations:

  • the number of U.S. vacation days awarded and taken are at a 5 year low
  • most only used an average of 10 of their 14 vacation days this past year, leaving 653.9 million days left, this year
  • in 2017, 43% felt they couldn't afford a vacation 
  • in 2018, 54% feel they can't afford a vacation
  • 63% go 6 months or longer, without a vacation
  • 28% go 1 year or longer, without a vacation
  • Americans used an average of 2 vacation days for "life admin" (errands, appointments, etc.)

How do Americans feel about vacation?

  • 81% say they take regular vacations for "mental wellness"
  • 91% say vacations help lower their stress and anxiety

Feel free to share this with those in management.

With the above in mind, I haven't taken a vacation this year, and just decided to request to use my time during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Need to "hit the reset button." You don't need me cranky... lol.