Cookies. Snack, treat.

Photo: Ron Lima/Dreamstime

"Brady Bunch" House Neighbors Receive Cookies and Letter From HGTV

September 14, 2018

Back-in-the-day, when you moved into a neighborhood, it was common for a neighbor or two to bring you a welcome-to-the-neighborhood gift, such as a cake or pie.

TMZ reports some neighbors of the Brady Bunch were not happy when the news was released of the upcoming TV program based on returing the property back to it's Brady Bunch era look.

Lando Entertainment, which is creating the Brady Bunch house remodel project for HGTV, recently sent neighbors fresh cookies from SusieCakes and a letter from an executive they can reach out to at anytime concerning any neighborhood issues that may develop during the filming of the program.

The letter notes the executive will be there for them to "field questions, address problems, resolve issues and generally serve as your conduit to the production company."

Wonder if they sent milk too?