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How To Take Care Of Your Tires In The Texas Heat

June 6, 2018

NBC 5 spoke with Chaz Morris of Discount Tire on how to help protect your tires in the heat.

Morris says, "When we see those hundred degree stretches, it can definitely put some stress on the tires that they don’t see in the winter months. Tires are rubber of course. It is an oil based product.  In excessive heat and sunlight, that oil starts to dry out. It basically is going to take the elasticity out of it. It’s going to become more brittle."

Morris recommends the following:

1. Check Your Tire's Tread Depth 

If you can take a penny, put it in your tread, and have the head of Abraham Lincoln covered, you're tread depth is most likely in good shape. If not, time for new tires.

2. Check Your Tire Pressure

Check your tire pressure once per month and make sure it's at the proper level. Low tire pressure can cause your tires to handle your vehicle poorly and reduce gas mileage

3. Rotate Tires Every 6,000 Miles

Take the tires off one axle and rotate them to the opposite axle. Morris said. "Generally, you want to take front tires to the rear, rear tires to the front. On vehicles that may be rear wheel or front wheel drive, they tend to wear the drive axle tires faster, so if you don’t rotate regularly you’re going to run through the tires much more quickly than you should." 

4. Check Your Spare Tire

Many new vehicles DO NOT INCLUDE A SPARE TIRE. Check to see if you have one or not, in your trunk. If you have one, find out what it's proper air pressure should be and what kind of shape it's in.

5. Do Not Overload Your Vehicle

Carrrying to heavy of a load on under inflated tires can cause tires to fail.

6. Know How To Change A Tire

Waiting in the summer heat for towing or someone to stop and help you, isn't always an option. Here's HOW!

Make a copy of this post to assist you in the future, and be safe!