Howie Mandel

Photo By Sthanlee B. Mirador/Sipa USA

Howie Mandel Wants To Bring Back Bobby’s World

July 10, 2018

If MTV is going to bring back Daria, why not bring back another 90’s cartoon as well? With all these TV show revivals it only makes sense to revive Bobby’s World.

Howie Mandel, creator and voice of Bobby Generic on the hit 90’s cartoon, wants to get a comeback off the ground. Mandel told Entertainment Weekly back in May that he was meeting with the executives of NBC to talk about a Bobby’s World revival.

“I haven’t told anyone this, but I’m working on it. I’m working on it right now. I have a meeting on Wednesday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. That’s what I want to do. Let’s hope — write something about it and maybe it’ll happen.”

Bobby’s World ran from 1990-1998 on FOX Kids, Howie Mandel voiced the main character as well as the father Howard generic. Mandel is currently a judge on Americas Got Talent and will be returning to host Deal Or No Deal. 

It hasn't been made official yet whether the show will come back or not. Do you want to see Bobby’s World back on TV?