Impatient Driver Takes Out Frustration By Destroying Traffic Light

September 10, 2018

You know the feeling.  You're stuck behind a red light.  For several cycles.  The car in front of you probably could have gone through that yellow, but they didn't.  So you're stuck.  In another red light cycle.


Red lights are the mortal enemies of the commuter, and a man in China finally had enough.  In the city of Tianjin, this man was tired of waiting for the red light to turn green.  So he did what all of us just wish we would do once...he took down the traffic light.  Security footage shows the man running from his car, and using his momentum to jump and grab the traffic light, and pull it down.  Then he calmly walks back to his car.

Local police were able to track down the individual, and he has been sentenced to a fine and five days detention.  Secretly, they understand, though.

Via shanghaiist