Intoxicated Driver Covered In Pee and Poo Blames "Tito's Vodka" in "Florida: The Second Chance State" - Take 62

August 8, 2018
Jacksonville, Florida on map

WJAX-TV reports twenty-year-old Gregory Johnson of St. Augustine FL was recently clocked doing 94 mph down a quiet state road near Jacksonville FL.

When police pulled behind Johnson with flashing lights, Johnson felt the need for more speed, and drove even faster!

Eventually, Gregory grew tired of the chase, pulled over at his home, and that's when police learned how nasty the situation actually was.

Johnson exited his vehicle... with his face covered in vomit... wearing pajamas soiled with pee and poo... and began hurling expletives at police, who learned Gregory had drank a liter of vodka.  

Johnson told the officer, "Man, Tito's got me all [messed> up."

Gregory Johnson was charged with DUI, reckless driving, possession of marijuana, and possession of liquor by a person under the age of 21.  

"Florida: The Second Chance State" - make a mistake, move to or live in Florida, as there is often a good chance of getting a second one.