It's Not Just You, April Ends As 400th Hotter Than Average Month In A Row

May 18, 2018
Hot Weather

Anyone remember December of 1984? 

One of our favorites, Madonna's "Like A Virgin" was at the top of the music charts, and it was also the last time the Earth had a month that was cooler than average.  For 400 months in a row, it's been hotter than normal, which scientists attribute to of course, climate change.  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientist Deke Arndt said, "We live in and share a world that is unequivocally, appreciably and consequentially warmer than just a few decades ago, and our world continues to warm.  Speeding by a '400' sign only underscores that, but it does not prove anything new."

In fact, this past April was the 3rd warmest April globally of all time.  In southern Pakistan, temperatures reached an astonishing 122.4 degrees on April 30, which may be a record for warmest temperature during the month around the globe.  It's certainly not the case here, but across all North America, the average temperature was actually 2.2 degrees below average, making it the 13th coldest April since 1997.

So just remember that when it hits 95 today!

Via USA Today