NY Subway Station

Photo: Art2002/Dreamstime.com

When You Gotta Go You GOTTA GO!

October 10, 2018

When you gotta go, you GOTTA go!

TMZ reports extras who were working over the weekend on the upcoming "Joker" movie and locked in a Brooklyn NY subway car for over 3 hours, asked to be let out for restroom breaks, but were denied.

With no other alternative, the extras began urinating on the train tracks, through the small spaces between the cars.

SAG (Screen Actors Guild) received a break time violation complaint, sent a representative to resolve the matter, and will now continue to monitor the movie set.

TMZ also reports Warner Bros. is investigating.

Click HERE to see a new photo of Joaquin Phoenix in full make-up and wardrobe as "The Joker", not peeing on the train tracks. Lol!