For Just $200, You Can Enroll Your Baby In Classes To Become A DJ

May 15, 2018

Yes, you can still enroll your children in the standard arts and gymnastics classes, but only the cool moms and dads will buy their kids lessons in becoming a DJ!  

Now it is important children interact with other children socially.  Donna Holloran, parent educator and child development specialist, told Moneyish, "Babies and toddlers don’t need specific classes to thrive socially.  However, they do need opportunities to be around other children, so go to the park or put together your own playgroup."  But if your looking to enroll your child in a class, which can be often prove to be beneficial to both parties (kids learn skills, and parents get away from kids) there is so much more than gymnastics out there.  Like Baby DJ School.  

Starting at just two-months-old all the way through five, Baby DJ School will introduce your children to electronic, hip-hop and house music through "singing, dancing and interactive technology, like mixing and scratching beats."  And the best part?  The course will ONLY run you $200! 

Kid DJs might seem like a good idea, but we don't know how all these club owners will feel about shutting down at 6:30 because their headliner has school in the morning.

Via NY Post