Photo: PA Images/Sipa USA

KFC Launches Contest To Name Baby After "The Colonel"

September 4, 2018

Know someone expecting a baby... really soon!?

TIME reports KFC is launching a contest for someone having a baby Sunday Sept. 9th to name their child "Harland", after the Colonel, Colonel Harland Sanders, who was born that day.

Interested parents will have to have legally named their child "Harland" and the winner will be the child born earliest on that day.

To enter the contest, go to KFC's "Name Your Baby Harland" web page and enter by OCt. 9th 2018 10:59pm CST.

The winning baby will receive $11,000 (11 herbs and spices, get it!?) towards their future college education.

Hmm? I guess Harland can be unisex. Blake now is. Pass me a two piece meal, please. Original recipe:).