The Kinds Of Music Your Dog Will Probably Like

September 4, 2018
Happy smiling Bordeaux puppy dog. isolated on white background

According to Pop Sugar, if you're trying to find a way to keep your dogs happy, doing so may be achieved... with music!

When it comes to helping dogs be happy, University of Glasgow's Institute of Biodiversity's professor of integrative physiology Neil Evans says, " circumstantial evidence says [music] would have a good effect."

Researchers studied kennel dogs' heart rates and cortisol levels while the canines slept, barked, shook their heads, etc., all while listening to music for long periods of time, and learned reggae and soft rock were best received.

Does this mean playing Bob Marley and Olivia Newton-John for your dog will get their tail wagging? Perhaps, perhaps not. However, try one of the artists I mentioned... then try AC/DC. Whichever one DOESN'T make your dog want to be, may be best. LOL!