Learn How Most Parents Choose A Family Vacation Destination

May 23, 2018
Happy family having fun on summer vacation. Outdoor, people.

Summer is officially less than 1 month away, and according to SWNS Digital, a new study shows a high percentage of parents are asking their kids about family vacation destinations.

Here are some of the details learned from the study:

  • 90% of parents make vacation choices based upon their children's desires
  • 83% of parents say their children have no idea how lucky they are to even have a family vacation
  • 70% of parents talk with their kids about where to go to for vacation before making a decision
  • 60% of parents prefer relaxing on a beach
  • 50% of parents say action-packed activities are top of their children's vacation wishes
  • 40% of parents admit to not having talked with their kids about their family vacation and regretted it later

How do you plan a vacation?