Man Slams Truck Into Downtown FOX 4 Studios

September 5, 2018
Angry police officer

NBC 5 reports a male driver of a pickup trick packed with leaflets slammed the vehicle into the FOX 4 downtown Dallas studios in the 400 block of N. Griffin St. multiple times at approx. 6:12 a.m., exited the vehicle, then began ranting.

Dallas Police Cpl. Debra Webb told NBC 5, "The officers say he was rambling and saying all kinds of nonsense"..."It appears he was in some sort of agitated state so we're not really sure exactly what the issue was and why he was doing that."

The aforementioned leaflets mention a different DFW TV station.

The driver surrendered to police, was transported to Parkland Hospital for evaluation, and will be charged for the incident and damages to the FOX 4 building.

NBC 5 released un update earlier today, with the drivers name, and details that may have attributed to his actions. Click HERE.

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