Gold Bars

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Could This Story Be Used In A James Bond Movie? LOL!

September 19, 2018

The Hindustan Times reports customs agents at the airpot in Delhi India recently became suspicious of a man walking strangely.

When the man was pulled aside, agents became even more curious about him.

When authorities took the man to a police station, it was there that they discovered what was causing the guys odd gait.

The man was trying to mule or smuggle 9 gold bars... each weighing over 2 pounds... that were stolen.

No, the gold bars weren't taped to his legs. Instead, the thief had inserted them... into his @$$!!!

Yes, the unidentified man was carrying $40,000 of gold bars in his human trunk.

Yes, the gold was carefully removed, and the man was charged with grand theft. He probably insisted on standing for a judge. LOL!