"Florida: The Second Chance State - Take 66" - Man Uses Walmart Resume Paper To Print Counterfeit Money

October 11, 2018
Florida Welcome Sign

Photo: Calvin L. Leake/Dreamstime.com


Twenty-nine-year-old Levy Newberry of the New Port Richey area of Florida (near Tampa), decided he need extra money, and found a template on Pinterest to print 5, 10, 20 and $50 bills, which he did at Pasco County public library. 

Are you already seeing the direction this is going? LOL!

WTVT reports Newberry printed the counterfeit bills on resume paper he purchased at Walmart and tried selling them on Facebook. Legal U.S. bills are made from cotton and linen.

Newberry allegedly gave some of the phony money to his landlord, who notified the Pasco County sheriff's office, which found over $700 counterfeit currency, and charged Newberry with forgery.

"Florida: The Second Chance State" - make a mistake, move to Florida, and you'll probably get a second chance... :).