Mom Spends Over $9K On Son’s First Birthday Party

September 20, 2018

How much did you spend on your last birthday party? Probably not as much as this mom did for her sons first birthday. 

Australian mom Jackie Lam went all out for her son’s birthday party, which came with a price tag of 12,650 Australian dollars, or $9,100. While some of the guests compared the extravagant event to a wedding, Jackie is standing by her decision to go all out, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but for us it was something we felt was worth it”. 

She told Yahoo’s Australian outlet that children’s parties are more suitable for adults and that she started planning the party when her son was just two months old. 

Jackie invited 125 adults and 50 kids to a waterside venue. The menu included a buffet full of sliders, mini pizzas, fish and chips, and salads. There was even a dessert station that featured mini éclairs, tarts, and chocolate logs. 

She even hired a balloonist, a face painter, professional photographer, and even brought in a photo booth and ball pit. 

Wonder if she’ll go all out for her son’s 2nd birthday?

Via: Yahoo Lifestyle