Bruce Springsteen

(Photo by Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY NETWORK)

Person Falls Victim To Bruce Springsteen Text Scam

July 2, 2018

Usually, a celebrity will not call or text you and ask for money.  Especially if you have no personal relationship with that celebrity whatsoever.

As farfetched as it may seem, an unkown person fell victim to someone posing as a celebrity asking for money, to the tune of over $1,500.  An unidentified resident of Morton Grove, Illinois received a text message one day from someone claiming to be Bruce Springsteen, asking for money.  Several texts were exchanged before the victim sent $1,100, along with an additional $500 in iTunes gift cards to the number, which would reportedly be used to pay phone bills for senior citizens.  

This isn't the first time Springsteen's name has been dragged into one of these scheme, either.  Last year, Last year, police in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, issued a warning to fans about a similar scam after a local resident was almost fooled by an imposter on Twitter.  At the time, Oak Creek Police Chief Steve Anderson said, "Bruce Springsteen or other celebrities are not going to be calling asking for money.  Be smart. I f something doesn't feel right, don't give any information out."

Via Huffington Post