Phone App Reminds You To Check Backseat For Children/Passengers

July 11, 2018
Driver holding smart phone with modern app phone with a modern apps

North Texas heat takes it's toll in many ways, including children left in hot vehicles.

In the past decade, Texas has had more people to die from being left in vehicles during high temperatures than any other state in the country, with a loss of 116 lives. 

Erin O'Conner felt something had to be done to deter this taker of lives, and he created The BackSeat App, which senses when your vehicle has stopped. The BackSeat App makes your phone ring and vibrate as reminder to check your backseat for riders.  

If a driver forgets their child or other person is with them, The BackSeat App will ring... NON-STOP... the volume INCREASES... the flashlight will BLINK... and if you fail to turn it off, The BackSeat App will send emails and texts along with the GPS location of your vehicle to (3) phone numbers you previously set up. 

NBC 5 has more details about The BackSeat App, HERE.