Lifeguard Captures Photo Of A Paddle Boarder Next To A Shark

August 2, 2018

Just as Shark Week was coming to a close.

Last weekend lifeguard Cody DeGroff was testing out a drone off the shore of Cape Cod in Massachusetts when he noticed a dark silhouette moving in the water. 

Degroff told ABC News "I noticed there was something moving in my frame and it was actually a white shark so I started taking pictures. I panned up and that's when I saw the paddle boarder and the shark swimming closer to each other. It was a crazy, crazy scenario."

The man paddle boarding was 54-year-old, Rodger Freeman. He says he had no idea he was that close to the shark until DeGroff showed him the pictures. "I might have fallen on him if I had lost my balance. I'm glad I got to go home for breakfast and not be breakfast." 

That’s a little to close for comfort. Check out the crazy photos below.

Via: Yahoo News