Photo by Xinhua/Sipa USA

Batman Got Pulled Over By Police In Canada

August 24, 2018

Just about everyone on the road has been pulled over at some point in their life.

Footage was taken of Police in Ontario, Canada pulling over a Batmobile when the driver came out it was none other than Batman himself.

The man under the cowl is known as Stephen Lawrence, The Brampton area Batman.

Lawrence tells CBC Radio that he's been dressing up as Batman for years and that a lot of people like to drive up and take pictures and it isn’t always the safest thing to do. "I try to avoid this because not only is it illegal, but also it is unsafe.”

Earlier that day he flagged down an officer and asked her to dissuade people from taking photos. While driving home he noticed red and blue lights flashing behind him. Apparently, Lawrence did nothing wrong and that the police officer he talked to earlier just wanted to grab a quick picture.

Check out the video below.