Photo Credit: Tonya Wise/AdMedia/Sipa USA

Hundreds Of Props From The Office Are Now Up For Auction

October 3, 2018

Were there props and of other items from The Office that you wish you owned? Well, now you can!

An Auction from Screenbid has been set up for hundreds of different props from The Office. Every item comes with a certificate of authenticity.

You can be the proud owner of many different props that were featured on the show. Up for grabs is Oscar's keyboard, Dwight’s blue speckled swivel chair, or you can bid on something you can’t find at home, like the Dunder Mifflin reception desk.

The current bid for the desk is starting at $9,000 while other items are starting as low as $125- $225. Be aware there is an additional charge for shipping and handling on every item. Bidding began on September 20th and closes on Friday, October 5th. 

What prop would you bid on? Michael’s neon sign? The Dunder Mifflin glass door? The conference room table and chairs?

Via: York Daily Record