Rock Band

Research Reveals Dating Or Marrying Someone Who Also Likes 98.7KLUV Can Improve Your Love LIfe

August 10, 2018

A survey of over 9,000,000 people by dating site Plenty Of Fish concerning the preferred music by their members, reveals some interesting and helpful info when looking for a date or possible mate on their site.

Classic Music (Rock)

  • Women who love rock groups including Queen, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and other 98.7KLUV music, have a 68% or higher chance of meeting someone on Plenty Of Fish.


  • Guys who noted Country as their favorite music receive 32% more messages and are 49% less likely to be only interested in a booty-call

Rap & Classical

  • Single female classical music lovers are 93% more interested in marriage
  • Single male rap lovers are 16% more likely wanting a relationship


  • women who like this style of music receive 9% more messages on the website.

Mutual music interests have always been of some importance to me, as well. As long as my wife can hear Journey once-in-a-while, all is well in the Powers Palace... :).