SEE The Top Skills Modern Dads Must Master

June 18, 2018
Father and his children

SWNS Digital reports Braun surveyed 1,200 fathers and the results reveal 80% agreed today's necessary fatherhood skillset is far greater than that of their fathers. Of those surveyed, 57% agreed they spend more time with their kids than their dads spent with them during their childhood.

According to the survey, these are the Top 5 Skills Modern Dads Must Master:

5. Assembling furniture from a box

4. Setting up the home WiFi and a Netflix account

3. Guiding kids through college

2. Providing the best environment for a good education

#1. Cooking a meal

In addition, these skills were listed as necessary:

  • knowing how to braid hair
  • teaching a son to shave
  • knowing words to pop songs

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