2019 Six Flags Over Texas "El Diabo" entrance

Photo: Blake Powers Collection

VIDEO: Time To Experience Six Flag Over Texas' New "El Diablo"!

June 20, 2019

Six Flags Over Texas recently invited me to experience it's newest ride attraction, "El Diablo"... and WHOA!... can that thing go!

Today I spoke with Six Flags Over Texas Marketing Supervisor Ryan Singleton.

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"El Diablo" features a pendulum-style takeoff that swings you back-and-forth over the course of several 360 degree revolutions and at top speed "El Diablo" completes a rotation... in exactly 6.6 seconds!

2019 Six Flags Over Texas "El Diablo" with passengers
Photo: courtesy of Six Flags Over Texas

Not only is "El Diablo" hot and ready for the North Texas summer, it was built in Planeview TX.

"El Diablo" stands 100ft. tall and transports up to 32 thrill-seeking passengers who are ready to defy gravity in "face-off" style seating, allowing riders to sit across from and interact with each other! Imagine what it's like at the v-e-r-y top... upside down!

2019 Six Flags Over Texas "El Diablo" Upside Down
Photo: courtesy of Six Flags Over Texas

Now, time for you to sample what you'll experience aboard Six Flag Over Texas NEW ride, "El Diablo"

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Tell the Six Flags Over Texas ticket office staff that you learned about "El Diablo" on 98.7KLUV's Blake Powers' blog at www.kluv.com/Blake and learn more about "El Diablo" at www.sixflags.com/overtexas.

Make this summer a Six Flags Over Texas summer with the new "El Diablo" and all of the other attractions.