Train Officials Offer Free Deodorant To Stuffy Passengers

July 20, 2018

Y'all it's hot. 

It's stupid hot.  It should not be 108 degrees anywhere, but that's just summer in Texas.  But apparently, it's hot EVERYWHERE.

In fact, in Vienna, officials for the city's U-Bahn train system decided to take action to combat the searing heat the city is experiencing.  Day after day the trains often become very full and very stuffy.  So train officials decided to hand out 14,000 deodorant sprays to its passengers to combat the foul smells that may be commonly associated with high temperatures.  

And the free deodorant was quickly nabbed by the willing passengers.  Daniel Amman, a spokesman for the Wiener Linien public transport company said they were "torn out of our hands."  He insists, however, that the free deodorant was not handed out because their passengers smelled worse than others.  He said they were offered as "consolation," though adding, "High temperatures can also make one more aware of odors."

The U-Bahn system does have air-conditioned cars for the most part, but when some routes take the train above ground, they are exposed to the hot Vienna sun, which can cause the temperature in some cars to rise as high as 95 degrees.