Teen Steals Parents' Credit Card, Rents House For Party, Causes $20,000 In Damage

March 13, 2018

A family is on the hook for $20,000 in damages, after a couples 14-year-old stole their credit card, rented a house for a party, and completely tore the place apart.

Police were initially called for an "uncontrollable" party on Ottawa Ave in West Vancouver last Friday night.  When they arrived at the scene, they found approximately 200 teenagers hanging around the property.  Constable Jeff Palmer with West Vancouver Police said, "We were receiving multiple calls ... reporting a large-scale disturbance.

Officers attending had basically swarms of teenagers leaving the house." As teenagers fled and police were able to enter the home, they found a number of containers and bottle containing alcohol, along with damages all over the walls, furniture, and artwork.  This damage amounts to an estimated $20,000, which the family has already informed authorities they will pay in full.  The owner of the house has decided not to press charges against the teen or her family for the damage to his property.