Texans Drank The 2nd Largest Amount Of Beer Of All States Last Year

June 21, 2018
Texas brown road sign

Yes, the Lone Star state knows how barrel down beer!

According to VinePair.com, here are the 2017 Top 10 States for beer comsumption, per person.

10. Texas

9. Vermonth

8. Nevada

7. Nebraska

6. Maine

5. Wisconsin

4. South Dakota

3. North Dakota

2. Montana

#1. New Hampshire - averages 40 gallons of beer per year, per person!

State-wise, California consumed the most last year, at 724.9 million gallons for the year and Texas was #2 at 626.3 million gallons.

Texans, be extra careful around the pool this year, if your beer is near.