Child With Cellphone

Texas 3-Year-Old Makes Life-Saving 911 Call AGAIN After Mother Collapses For Second Time

June 4, 2018

This isn't the first time Dorothy has saved her mother or siblings.

Dorothy's mother, Miranda, suffers from narcolepsy, and collapsed at the family home last Wednesday.  Miranda was home alone with the children, and luckily for her, 3-year-old Dorothy knew exactly what to do.  Fighting through tears and heartache, Dorothy picked up a phone and immediately dialed 911.  The 911 operator was patient, and was able to send out help after Dorothy was only able to really "Mommy," and "on the floor."

It took half-an-hour due to the call being made on a cell phone, but the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office was able to track down the home and give Miranda, who had forgotten to take her medication, the help she required.

Miranda said of Dorothy, "I’m extremely proud of her. She’s such a smart little girl and she’s so charismatic."  Dorothy has some previous experience dialing 911, too.  "When she was really little, I taught her how to call 911.  And she’s done it for me twice now, and she’s my little…she’s my little hero," says Miranda.

Paramedics were able to treat Miranda, and she's expected to make a full recovery.