Collin County K9 Deputy Sheriff Elo Honored With Own Tombstone

August 7, 2018

K9 Deputy Sheriff Elo joined the Collin County Sheriff's Department in 2011.

However, in February he was forced into early retirement due to health issues. 

Sadly, Elo passed away the following March due to complications from a liver disease that led to pneumonia.  Like any good deputies, Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner wanted Elo to be remembered, so the Collin County Sheriff's office had a headstone constructed to mark his place, "a small oak grove overlooking the sheriff's office" according to Skinner. 

Skinner thought of the idea after witnessing a similar practice while working as a military dog handler in the Philippines.  He said, "It was the largest canine section in the world.  When I arrived on the grounds, I was stunned to see the perfectly lined-up headstones of the sentry dogs and military working dogs that had served and then died, and had been buried.  That thought never left me."

Rest in Peace, Deputy Sheriff Elo.  Good Boy.