Texas Task Force 1 Prepares For Possible Gulf Coast Water Rescues

September 13, 2018
Life Preserver Water Rescue Saver SOS Coast Guard 3d White Red

NBC 5 reports Texas Task Force One, including members of the Denton Fire Department's swift water boat team, will be sent to the Gulf Coast this weekend due to possible tropical weather. Some team members recently returned to North Texas after helping persons facing flooding in Galveston.

Denton Fire Department Captain Jared Hornback and firefighter Vance Bowden are preparing to go. He and Bowden are part of Texas Task Force 1, from the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, and are deployed across the state for high water rescues in major disasters.

Hornback told NBC 5 it's all about "Having your equipment ready, being prepared at a moment's notice because you never know quite exactly when the emergency is going to arise."

Bowden said, “Moving water is just extremely, extremely dangerous” and noted their biggest challenge, was Hurricane Harvey. Bowden noted, “I think in one day we pulled out about 500 people just with two boats and the assistance of the military forces."

Hornbeck added, "When you're pulling people out of their flooded homes, knowing that they've lost almost everything and they're thanking you and hugging you, it can be very emotional." 

Best wishes and safety to everyone with Texas Task Force One!