Thieves Break In & Steal From Ft. Worth Bicycle Store That Partners With Local Charities Helping Persons Needing Transportation

December 5, 2018
Crime on Christmas

Photo: Boris Ivanchuk/


Monday around 3 a.m., two guys were captured on video surveillance, smashing a window at Bicycle Inc. on Granbury Rd. in Ft. Worth, according to NBC 5.

The thieves abused bicycles they didn't want, while stealing a $3,500 and an $830 model.

This is the third time Bicycle Inc. has experience such a break-in, which saddens manager Bethanne Boch. Bicycles Inc. works regularly with local charities and is more than happy to help someone with a temporary transportation need, whether through their store or with an organization that can help.

The thieves seem to have already scoped out the store, and video suggests they knew exactly what they planned to steal.  

Bock refuses to lose her sense of humor and her comments to NBC 5 concerning the thieves included, "Thanks for shopping, but next time it would be nice if you would pay the bill." 

Bicycles Inc. is now considering adding security bars to end the problem.

Taking into consideration the bicyles stolen are high-end, each will be more noticeable than an average bike, and standout. 

Ft. Worth Police would appreciate your assistant capturing the thieves. Click HERE to see video and call 817.392.4222 to report any info you may have to help.