The Top 10 Most Annoying Things Co-Workers Do At Work

July 11, 2018
Three Women Quarreling In Office

The Ladders reports a survey by payroll company Paychex reveals these behaviors as The Top 10 Most Annoying Things Co-Workers Do At Work:

10. “Taking frequent snack breaks:” 38.4 percent

9. “Using social media for personal use the majority of the workday:” 40.6%

8. “Tapping feet or fingers repeatedly:” 46.7%

7. “Laughing or conversing loudly:” 48.1%

6. “Bringing in strong-smelling food for lunch daily:” 49.7%

5. “Taking frequent smoke breaks:” 49.8%

4. “Breathing heavily (and loudly):” 50.1%

3. “Bringing pets to work:” 50.6%

2. “Dropping by your desk constantly throughout the day:” 60.9%

#1 - “Partaking in frequent gossiping:” 63.7%

Agree? Disagree?

Oh, just for kickers, #11 is “Receiving audible notifications on their cell phone:” 34.5% 

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