Toys R Us Closing Sale

Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA

Toys R Us Plans To Close All Remaining Stores After Failing To Find Buyer

March 14, 2018

Late last year, Toys R Us announced their intention to close 200 stores around the country after filing for bankruptcy.

The chain experienced record decreases in profits and hoped they'd be able to find a buyer to resuscitate such a huge part of our childhoods.  Unfortunately, that appears not to be the case.  

The store may be heading to court as soon as TODAY to officially file paperwork for Chapter 11 liquidation.  The store has been searching for a buyer, and while that possibility is technically still available, most likely they will soon announced the shutting down all of their remaining stores.   

The emergence of online retailers, along with a crippling debt that amounted to $5 billion ultimately led to the former toy powerhouse's downfall.