HOLLYWOOD - OCTOBER 9: Courtney Anne Feldman (L) and Corey Feldman at the L.A. premiere of National Geographic Documentary Films "Jane" at the Hollywood Bowl on October 9, 2017 in Hollywood, California.

Photo: Scott Kirkland/NatGeo/PictureGroup/SIPA USA

UPDATE: Corey Feldman Attacked and Allegedly Stabbed in Abdomen

March 28, 2018

Corey Feldman says he and his security guard were stopped at a traffic light last night in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley when 3 guys approached his vehicle. Corey says the men distracted his security guard, and a vehicle pulled up from which an attacker jumped out, stabbed him and took off.

Feldman was rushed to a hospital and the LAPD was informed of the attack. Corey says he's been receiving on-line threats from a group he refers to as the "Wolfpack".

Now, authorities tell TMZ Feldman believes he was being followed, and Corey's bodyguard aimed a flashlight toward the other vehicle and at the next light, one of the guys in it got out and confronted the bodyguard. At that point, another guy went to the driver's side (where Corey was), and stabbed Feldman with some type of syringe or sharp object, and then fled. '

Police say there is in fact some sort of mark on Corey's abdomen, and they believe the incident is road-rage related. A call went out for assault with a deadly weapon. 

Story developing...