VIDEO Persuades Attorney For Skateboarder Claiming Injuries By Dr. Phil To Drop Case

June 5, 2018
Street subculture. Skateboarder with skateboard

TMZ reports last October, Dr. Phil was leaving Universal Studios parking, and upon pulling around a stopped van so he could proceed, male skateboarder Terrence Bembury came into contact with Phil's car.

Fortunately, the skateboarder was able to get up, told Dr. Phil he was fine, shook Phil's hand, and went his way.

A passerby notified paramedics, whom the skateboarder told... he was injured!

The skateboarder was preparing to sue Dr. Phil, claiming pain and injuries afterwards. However, TMZ contacted his attorney John H. Mardoyan, who said, "After viewing the video footage, we have decided to no longer represent Terrence Bembury in the matter."

See video of the incident, HERE!