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(Photo by Kuba Morc/Getty Images

VIDEO: USA's Evan Nagao Becomes Best Yo'Yo-er In The World By Winning World Yo-Yo Contest

August 13, 2018

The World Yo-Yo contest took place in Shanghai, China over the weekend and the videos of the competition are incredible. Especially USA's Evan Nagao's finals video.

Nagao took home the top prize, and is officially the best yo-yo-er in the world!

Nagao does his yo-yo routine to Lynard Skynard's 'Free Bird', and he is certainly a crowd pleaser. According to Nagao, his tricks are inspired by other top yo-yo-ers and it has been his lifelong dream to be the best in the world at yo-yo

The World Yo-Yo Contest started in 2014 and is a worldwide competition that is considered the most prestigious yo-yo competition in the world. In the past, the competition has been held in Prague, Tokyo, Cleveland, and Reykjavik. This year's competition was held in Shanghai.

If you are interested in starting yo-yoing yourself Nagao has a starter kit available for purchase on his website right HERE.