Want To Earn $3,500, 12 Days Of Hotel Accommodations and Catered Meals Via A Flu Vaccine Study?

June 12, 2018
Flu vaccine word cloud

Learning if a new flu vaccine works takes times and comes at a price. This time, in more than one way!

How would you like to earn $3,500 plus FREE hotel accommodations for 12 days with catered meals?

WFSB reports Researchers at St. Louis University are looking for persons willing to be exposed to the flu in order to test a new flu vaccine at it's Salus Center, formerly the Water Tower Inn, according to the St. Louis-Dispatch. The report notes, "The university spent about $350,000 to convert 24 hotel rooms at the Salus Center into a quarantined medical unit, equipped with reading nooks and game tables for socializing.” 

Volunteers will either receive a vaccine shot or a placebo and then be exposed to the virus through a nasal spray.

Dr. Daniel Hoft, director of St. Louis University's center for Vaccine Development, said "you can learn a lot more, a lot faster" about whether vaccines work to prevent infection by controlling the study environment.

Hoft noted the 2017-2018 flu season was one of the worst on record and the seasonal flu shot was between 10 and 15% effective.

Hmm? $3,500! Wonder if they'll throw in DirecTV?