Wood table and wine Liquor bottle on shelf blurred background. Label, display.

WATCH Security Footage Of Colleyville Thief Shoving Liquor In His PANTS!

August 28, 2018

Colleyville Police are searching for thieves who stole early 20lbs of liquor from Hall's Wine and Spirits at 4200 W. Glade Rd., by shoving it into what is believed to be the man's custom-made pants, and his accomplice's purse. The large bottles weigh 8lbs each!

Security video and Hall's Wine and Spirits captured the man and woman in the act, and store owner Charlie Hall has posted freeze-framed security video of the pair with a sign that reads, "Do you know these two thieves?" Hall says, "I'm trying to get everyone to recognize my friends." 

Hall's has been robbed.. twice... by the same guy... who has worn the same shirt each time!

Charlie Hall is concerned the thieves be caught soon and that they hopefully don't become more brazen and use guns.

Colleyville Police have a warrant out for 33-year-old Clifford Sanders, whom they believe is the thief, and are working on indentifying his accomplice.

If you have info concerning this theft, contact Colleyville Police at 817.743.4522 and click HERE to see the security footage of the thieves. 

I feel a song coming on, "I got liquor in my pants and I need to dance!"