WHEW! See The 2017 Texas DMV Rejected Vanity Plate List

June 12, 2018
Cool license plate from Texas

Imagine how many people request a Texas vanity plate each year, and then imagine how many never make it to the press.

Dallas Morning News reports the Texas Department Of Motor Vehicles has a staff of diverse ages and experience in place, to help decypher what applicants have created with just 7 characters. Each day, a team of 5 people review plate requests for indecent, offensive or misleading content, according to deputy director of vehicle titles and registration, Tim Thompson.

In 2017, Texas DMV sorted through 39,316 requests, and found 96% safe. 

Some plate requests have unintended results, including one in which the applicant later learned was a street reference to a drug that no one in the Texas DMV was familiar with. After a few stops by police questioning him, he returned to the DMV, letting representatives know about the unwanted attention he was receiving. 

Requests including:


... are some of the more mild, but still unacceptable requests, reviewed last year.

Click HERE to see the 2017 list of denied Texas vanity plates. It's an eye-opener!