Woman Charged with Bra Smuggling Drugs Into Jail in 'Florida: The Second Chance State' - Take 59

July 2, 2018
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WJAX reports that last Wednesday, Police executed a search warrant on 18-year-old Kyleigh McIntosh of Lake City FL (approx. 60 miles west of Jacksonville).

During the search of her home, officers found 23 grams of meth on a bed, scales, and drug parapheralia in the basement.

McIntosh admitted everything officers found was hers and cooperated.

While being processed at jail, officers discovered McIntosh... hadn't fully cooperated... and was hiding a small bag of meth... in her BRA! 

McIntosh now faces multiple drug charges, plus a 1st degree felony charge of methamphetamine trafficking. 

Currently, Kyleigh McIntosh is being held on $256,000 bail.

'Florida: The Second Chance State' - because there's a good chance you'll get a 2nd one, even if you put meth in your bra, underwear, or wherever... lol!